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Change of company address – who to inform and how

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

If your company address changes you’ll need to make sure that important services and agencies related to your business are informed. HMRC and Companies House are key and need to be informed promptly otherwise fines maybe incurred. This section discusses who to contact and what to do.

Who you need to notify

When you start digging there are often a surprising number of suppliers and customers that need to be notified. These are not necessarily all related to your business but are worth checking through.

  • Banks

  • Credit card company

  • Pension providers

  • Student loans company

  • Tax advisers

  • Your accountant

  • Insurance providers, i.e. PI, Employers, Tax protection etc

  • Legal advisors, i.e. solicitors, IR35 services etc

  • Professional Institutions and Associations, i.e. iMechE, PCG, BCS

Customers / Suppliers
  • Agencies and Clients

  • Telecoms providers, i.e. mobile, broadband

  • IT hosting / backup services

  • Your employees

The loose ends

  • Business stationary, i.e. invoices, business cards, headed paper

  • Contact details on your website

  • Advertising, i.e. yellow pages, business listings

Don’t forget us!

Please let us know when your change address so we can update Companies House, HMRC and your records in the software.

Companies House

Updating your registered office with Companies House can be done either by completing offline forms or by updating your records online. We’ll take care of this for you however the information below explains the steps.

Registered office address


By going to WebFiling on the Companies House website and logging in using your email address and security code, you can enter your company registration number and authentication code to access your company.

If you’ve forgotten your authentication code, remember that if you request it from Companies House it will be posted to you. Just make sure you do this before moving! If you can’t find it, drop us an email and we’ll see if we can help.

Once you are logged in you can complete the online form ‘Change of Registered Office Address – AD01’. It is important to remember that your registered office address must be a physical location for the delivery or inspection of official documents. It cannot be a PO Box number unless it is contained within a full address.


The form AD01 – Change of Registered Office Address can be downloaded from Companies House website which you can complete, sign and post to Companies House.

Company officers’ address


In a similar way to the registered office address, the records held at Companies House for the directors and company secretary can be updated online using the WebFiling service. Forms CH01 – Change of Director’s details and CH03 – Change of secretary’s details are required. The address on record for directors must be their usual residential address however which won’t be visible on the public record.


The forms CH01 – Change of Director’s details and CH03 – Change of secretary’s details can be completed and sent to Companies House.


The biggest challenge with updating your records at HMRC are there are many departments and their internal records are not yet linked. This means that each tax department needs to be notified separately and the options to do this for each differ slightly. Again, we’ll notify HMRC for you.


One of the simplest ways to notify HMRC of the change of address is by using form VAT 484 – Notifying us of changes to a VAT registered business. Once your records have been updated you will receive a new VAT certificate.

Corporation Tax

When you update your registered office address at Companies House, the change of address will be passed onto HMRC automatically. No further action is required to notify HMRC.

PAYE (Employers)

When you get in contact with us to let us know your new address, we will update your PAYE records with HMRC for you online.

Self Assessment

It is useful to understand a key difference between Self Assessment and other types of taxes. Self Assessment is related to an individual whereas VAT and Corporation tax are company related.

When you update an individuals records, HMRC roll out the changes to various departments including:

  • PAYE (Pay As You Earn)

  • National Insurance

  • Self Assessment

  • Construction Industry Scheme

  • Child Benefit

  • Child Trust Fund

  • Student loan

  • Tax credits

  • Government Gateway

  • Pensions service

When you get in contact with us to let us know your new address, we will update your taxpayer records with HMRC for you online.

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