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How 2021 changed the way we look at doing business

Updated: Jun 20

So much has changed this past 18 months about the way we think about business… I wanted to highlight a few things I’ve observed professionally:

Hybrid Working: It was a fast forced transition from offices and business travel to 100% from home, but the emergence of more hybrid working models has been a welcome step back in the right direction. With office now being seen as places of collaboration but not a necessity to working life.

eCommerce Acceleration: Again it was a fast forced transition to shopping online for many, with Retailers moving close to 100% eCommerce for a while, especially those in non-essential categories. Shopping habits have changed for sure, and it’s exciting to see how consumers now look for inspiration and more immersive shopping experiences online rather than just browsing category pages.

We’re more video native: Maybe it’s all that time on Zoom and Tiktok recently, but many of us are much more video native these days. Video content, and number of creators is up massively and we’re seeing exponential growth of both creation and consumption.

Defrosting the economy: Covid brought a halt to growth in the economy for sure, and the effects both on consumers and businesses will be felt for a number of years. But, we’re seeing massive acceleration in many sectors including online/eCommerce and green shoots across the rest of the market.

Blockchain moves mainstream: Bitcoin’s $69k all-time high, NFT adoption by major brands like Nike, McDonalds and The Matrix, BTC EFT’s and influx of Retail and Mainstream Investors all point to the start of mass adoption of this amazing technology. Businesses will need to start exploring how they can utilise the blockchain.

What else have you noticed that has changed in the way you think about business?

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