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Directive Finance is a boutique financial services firm specialising in outsourced finance and accounting support for early and growth-stage companies. Our unique approach is to deliver a highly personalized, agile, and cost-effective service based on our deep understanding of startups and innovation companies.

At Directive Finance, we recognise that a sound financial infrastructure is critical for a company to function efficiently, remain compliant with statutory requirements and achieve sustainable growth.

We believe that startups are best served through the part-time use of an integrated team like Directive Finance, which includes expertise at all levels - bookkeepers, accountants, tax experts and finance directors - under a single point of accountability.

We work as your strategic business partner, ensuring that your finance department is functioning at optimum levels, while you focus on running your company.

Meet Beatriz 


I’m passionate about accountancy and more importantly, demystifying it for a new generation of self-sufficient entrepreneurs and business owners.


Over the years, I’ve spoken to many business owners from different industries and I realised there was a common theme; people tend to find the concept of accountancy pretty scary and intimidating.


With over 10 years experience in business and finance, I understand the challenges you are facing! Perhaps you are currently wearing all the hats in your business and it’s all started to take its toll, the passion you once had for the thing you love to do is being drowned out by the overwhelm of the financial tasks you don’t want to do, but know you have to. 


As your trusted finance partner I can help you set a clear plan for your business and evaluate your performance; advise where you can make improvements to help cash flow, boost revenue or reduce costs; ensure you are compliant by keeping your accounting records up to date, with accounts and tax returns filed on time.



It’s our mission to provide business owners with the knowledge and insight they need to increase their profits and manage cash flow in their business. Using industry leading tech we can show you how to automate your finance processes to give you better and faster information.




Customer experience - we like to make our clients feel like they can talk to us. We are always available to help


Forward thinking and innovative - we will always use the latest technologies to make sure everything is streamlined 


Communication - we will be open and honest. We will help you achieve your goals by providing accountability 

We are not here to tick boxes; we help clients get the most out of their money and accelerate their growth through careful financial management.

Practice in Numbers 




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Ready to Grow Your Business?

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